Sorry for the Delay but the results are in for this years best of the best…

For the outfitter category: We have THREE AWARDS we give out each year for the outfitters category
Our tests are rated on the following 1-10 scale: Accommodations : Lodging : Food: Staff: Customer service: Trophy quality: Bang for the Buck: Stand comfort: Action: Knowledge: “Returnabilty”: Variety of game: fun o meter:

BANG FOR THE BUCK: Given to the outfitter with unmatched fun for the price
Olympic Mt Outfitters : Mike Vaughn of Olympic Mt. outfitters has a great hunt for a great price not many people can get a semi-guided Roosevelt elk hunt for $1600. With a guide who is willing to far beyond what the definition of Semi-guided is. You eat like a king!, You see tons of Game! And have access to a lot of private land….

THE SLEEPER AWARD: given to the best outfitter in a state that you would not expect to have the trophy quality of the species we hunted and the overall experience based on our expectations.

High Prairie Lodge Dave Ciani of High Prairie Lodge and Outfitters is by far one of the best outfitters we ever hunted with ever! The only reason we didn’t give him THE MUST DO award is because his outfit being in South Dakota was more suited to win this award, because who would have know that South Dakota produces such big whitetail? Not Me! I have hunted in SD many times in fact its one of my favorite places for Mule deer and Antelope but I have been out there on 4 separate occasions for whitetail and have never seen the quality that I saw with Dave. And the best part is the accommodations were like sleeping in a fine bed and breakfast with your own personal attendants. All I can Say is FREAKING AWESOME!

THE MUST DO: Given to the outfitter who’s services exceed a score of 10 on all categories :

Sonoran Hunting Specialties: I’m not quite sure how they do it for such a good price, but Bob Sears of SHS has some of the best hunting in the country: whitetail, mule deer, Mt Lion, sheep and more and it wont break your piggy bank. Their ranch we stay at in Mexico with 4 star quality everything , and just an unbelievable experience I had probably and average of 5 stalks per day on 170”+ muleys and Pope and Young Coues deer, and that was it for me more then anything. I got to hunt my favorite two deer in my favorite type of country by my favorite method. And it didn’t hurt that I score an 85 7/8” Coues with my bow. (P&Y 67”) Best part About it he runs hunts in AZ, NM,TX and CO. all with the same value and quality. Email Bobby At

TV SHOW AWARDS: shows are selected by our polls on http://www.huntpoll.com


Hunting for the Dream: TV show contest in which the best rookie potential shows compete in outdoor skills and filming to see who deserves to get their own show on television, bought and paid for. Hunting for the dream is produced by the multi-award winning company Nature Productions bringing their years of experience in a one of a kind competition that gets viewers involved in this sure to be a hit TV Show.

In addition the teams that win or loose will show the world and other potential prospects and sponsors their talent on air. This challenge will bring these professional outdoorsmen to the next level. The teams are allowed to hunt where they want and when they want in this original competition the outdoor viewer has been waiting for.


Backwoods Life TV: with Michael Lee, Kevin Knighton, Trey Wetherington, and the Backwoods Bohnhead crew bring you the best in outdoor programming each week on The Hunting Channel



North American Safari : is back with all new episodes. Join Blaine Anthony as he takes you in the field with the good, the bad, and the funny. In year 6 on TV, North American Safari’s adventures are better than ever without loosing that “in camp with the guys” feel. Tune in every week for a different hunting adventure for only big game animals. http://www.nasafari.com/

MEDIA AWARDS:Awards are given by sales, feedback from members and consumers and our review of the media

Peter Fiduccia’s: Tactics for Taking to Deer: Hands down one of the best instructional DVDs out there we loved this one and so did our members and poll takers

The Whitetail Hunter’s Blue Print: Sold 5,000+ copies this year with a 60 day money back guarantee not a single person asked for their money back we cant say enough about this book and all the raves it has been getting http://www.thewhitetailblueprint.com

Successful Hunter: Great read! Ahead of the curve! Everyone should get a subscription! Are just some of the reviews this magazine got on www.huntpoll.com