Gearing Up for Deer Season

Here in AZ as well as several other states we are lucky enough to have an Aug/Sept early archery deer season. I say lucky beacuase just about the time August comes along I am sick and tired of not being able to hunt big game. I dont want to see another fishing show, or here about another turkey hunt that some guy went one 3 months ago.

I get stir crazy, there are only so many long bows i can build, home projects i can do to keep my mind busy. Thats why I started scouting for deer in April about 7 years ago. At first it was just a way to keep my mind busy but then I realized how much better of a hunter I was becoming, and how much better I knew what, where and how the deer were doing in my hunting area.

I hunt public land in a very tough deer state, so I can not build food plots or use feeders or anything really to keep deer in an area. So learning deer patterns and watching their progressions and movements with the season has really given me the edge come Aug.

I like to set up trail cameras, mineral licks and I backpack in water to fill up my own personal watering holes. it is a lot of work but I enjoy doing it and the pay off if so much sweeter in the end.

I have already set out 3 cameras and i plan on setting out about 6-7 more in the next week or two. I got a late start this year but, i still have plenty of time to make it all work.

I touch base on what to do and what to look for in my book:
Whitetail Hunter's Blueprint Ebook