2013 Trail Camera Review

Ok folks its finally here the contestants are in the testing parameters are set. We will be testing the following cameras for the next few months and will be posting results and pics along the way and will nominate winner before Christmas so stay tuned in to get all the info.

The contestants

Sleath Cam:
Unit X
Skout 7

DLC Covert:
Extreme Black 60

MP 6

Wild View:


Bushnell: our 2011 winner
Trophy Cam HD
Trophy Cam HD Max

The Test:

Test parameters:
Ease of use: Is the interface user friendly is it easy to read and is it functional
Security: Can the camera be secured so that it wont be stolen on public land. Does it need a separate security box.
Ease of installation: How easy is it to hang
Picture Quality: How clear are the subjects, does it work in all lighting scenarios or does it wash out in bright light
Trigger Speed: Does the camera catch the full subject in frame
Video Quality: How good is the video, are there different settings, how adjustable are the settings
Special Features: Extra features and there “usability” in the field
Sensor Distance: How far out will the camera trigger
Night Time Capture Distance: What’s the range of infra red
Overall Design: How is it constructed, is it ergonomic? Is it conspicuous ?
Toughness: Will it stand up to punishing weather and conditions
Battery Life: How long will standard batteries last
Capacity: how large of a SD card does it except, and will it perform with all types of cards
Does it malfunction: Does it have any quarks
Warranty: What’s the warranty
Customer Service: Is there someone to help you when you need it