June 26

Trophy vs. Meat Hunting

There are few things that ruffle my feathers more than hunter on hunter hate. I keep seeing this subject Trophy hunting vs. meat hunting come up more and more, and really it’s a little troublesome to me, mainly because it has caused a bit of rift between brothers so to speak

June 26

Axius Core in home workout

Axius balance board in home exercise routine: Although I am a professional hunter few people know my first degree in college was Exercise Physiology I’m a firm believer in a fit hunter is a better hunter. I try to build my exercise routine to be sport specific and really try to condition myself to the […]

June 23

John Stallone talks with Zac Griffth on hunting industry issues

We also discuss Zac’s recent lifeline evac following a nasty sill he took while shed hunting. He touches on the importance of being prepared. Listen in on the episode HERE https://interviewswiththemasters.podbean.com/e/829-john-stallone-and-zac-griffth-live-on-facebook/

June 23

Elk Roast with Lentils

You can also make this same recipe with beef (as depicted in the photos)I just don’t included the bacon the beef has enough fat on its own.

June 11

How to hunt Mule deer with Gray Light, Chad Roberts and Travis Nowotny

Marlon Holden AKA Gray light is a high country mule slaying machine. check out this live podcast

Wild Turkey Recipe

Wild Turkey recipe : Wanna new way to cook that dry old tom ? try this out!

April 11

How to leave a podcast review Interviews with the Hunting Masters

How to leave a podcast review Nothing helps boost our profile, like when our listeners leave us positive reviews on iTunes. The more reviews we get, the higher we get pushed in iTunes and the easier it is for people to find out podcast. And it only takes two minutes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/interviews-hunting-masters-big-game-hunting-podcast/id1126907414?mt=2 Don’t know how? Here’s […]