November 03

Colorado hunting Under Fire

Join Us to Preserve Colorado’s Hunting Heritage—Your Help Is Essential! Colorado is facing a decision. Colorado has a great hunting past, but a proposed ballot issue threatens that legacy. Regardless of the state we live in, it is time for us to stand together. To address this dilemma, we are advocating for an ALL HANDS […]

The Hunter's Paradox October 26

The Hunter’s Paradox

The Hunter’s Paradox why do we hunt what we love It was a cold, clear morning. The sun had not yet risen, and already the hustle and bustle of the camp, consisting of uncles and cousins, was alive with the idea of the start of a brand new day. My father shook me gently, “JP, […]

September 07

Guided Javelina Hunting in Arizona

Its that time of year when the Javelina tag draw opens in Arizona we are almost already booked up

September 05

Hunting is Human

by Charles Whitwam Throughout history humans have needed food to survive(the obvious). Not everyone was a hunter, not everyone was a gatherer, not everyone was a tool maker. But the hunters brought back the protein, the warmth from furs, the bones for tools. You can see glimpses of proud hunters painted on cave walls, or […]

For more than 99% of human history, Homo sapiens existed as hunter-gatherers. However, modern society has become increasingly disconnected from our roots in the natural world. The public often sees humans as distinctly separate from nature. As a result, most people understand little about hunting and even less about its connection to conserving wildlife and wild places.

Public attitudes toward hunting are often fueled by emotion, propaganda, and misconceptions instead of hard data, scientific evidence, and proven practices. It’s time to set the record straight. Preservation vs Conservation The words “preservation” and “conservation” are often used interchangeably. Although both processes seek to protect the natural world, these two approaches couldn’t be more […]

Painted arrow outdoors Mag-Pro July 02

Painted Arrow Mag PRO-plus review

Painted Arrow Mag PRO-plus bow mounted camera review. As you may know, I’ve been producing outdoor film and content for 22 years so when I see innovations that improve my ability to film my own hunts or to have different camera angles and prospective I usually take interest in it, especially since I created a […]

bowfishing in az June 24

Bowfishing in Arizona

Bowfishing for carp: your next hunting obsession By Matt Smythe There’s an underrated gamefish making its way into the spotlight — quite literally. Instead of chasing them during the day with rod and reel, though, you’re hunting these bruisers at night with bright lights from a boat and firing a well-placed arrow at them as […]

June 24

Even when we hit a wall, we’re still winning

By Matt Smythe Advocating for fish, wildlife, and habitat conservation as well as hunters’ rights is an all-in proposition. A vocal, united, and persistent hunting community is the single best defense against anti-hunting interests that would love nothing more than for our sporting heritage to simply disappear.  The month of May is a perfect example […]

Archery Mule deer May 18

Spot and Ambush… spot and stalk for the not so sneaky!

Spot and Ambush… spot and stalk for the not so sneaky by John Stallone ! Many of us use spot and stalk strategies in our hunting especially in big open areas. This style of hunting requires the hunter to be : 1) proficient at glassing 2) able to pick a route and execute it 3) […]

Mathews Phase 4 review March 21

Mathews Phase 4 review

My Mathews phase 4 review: Its been a couple of years since I’ve been really excited about a bow and not because I didn’t like the last few bows they just didn’t have any real leaps in technology or features. My last favorite bow was my Vertix which until this bow came along was my […]

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