Painted Arrow Mag PRO-plus review

Painted Arrow Mag PRO-plus bow mounted camera review.

As you may know, I’ve been producing outdoor film and content for 22 years so when I see innovations that improve my ability to film my own hunts or to have different camera angles and prospective I usually take interest in it, especially since I created a less sophisticated version of this type of mount back in 2013 where I mounted and iPhone case to flat-bar that I had bent to use the stabilizer to hold it in place. It worked well for gaining that different first view prospective, but it rattled was kind of a pain to remove and attach the phone so I never really perused it. I dug up some footage of me shooting a Buck with my old system. Anyway! When I saw the Painted arrow Mag-pro and having used the new Magview style phone scope adapters I was intrigued by it.

My first impressions are its sturdy and well made. I tried very hard to shake the phone off the Mag-pro mount , and even crawled around through brush etc. as if I were stalking to see how it held up. Well the phone never moved which was impressive. This is not to say I would walk around with the phone attached the whole time but it gave me comfort that while I was using it that it wouldn’t fall off during the critical moments of a stalk. Out of a tree-stand its a no brainer the Mag-PRO is stellar. The one issue I did encounter is the provided foam strip to dampen the vibration and contact of the device to the stabilizer was too thick so I had to remove my stabilizer completely but in all honesty the weight of the unit provides enough counter balance that I don’t think I even need to use my stabilizer, I’m sure others would disagree so that is something Painted Arrow needs to address.

I shot the system at various distances and using the phone on different modes and magnifications and I felt like it did an excellent job capturing that first person view. A great side effect of the MAG-PRO bow mounted phone adapter is in order to get good film you need to make sure you follow through and keep your bow arm up and on target throughout and after the shot, which is something that translates into better shots in my opinion.

All in all I would recommend the Painted Arrow outdoors phone mount it works as intended. Are you gonna get stellar film like footage, probably not! You are still limited by one your phone but mostly the stability of being mounted to your bow. Id suggest doing all your B-roll off the mount and saving the use of the phone mounted to the bow just for the shot and maybe some of the stalking footage or lead up or you will give your viewers a headache from all the bouncy footage.

Mag-pro bow mounted phone scope