November 03


Colorado hunting Under Fire

Join Us to Preserve Colorado’s Hunting Heritage—Your Help Is Essential!

Colorado is facing a decision. Colorado has a great hunting past, but a proposed ballot issue threatens that legacy. Regardless of the state we live in, it is time for us to stand together. To address this dilemma, we are advocating for an ALL HANDS ON DECK strategy. The group Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management (CRWM) has been working nonstop to educate hunters about these looming problems. They have battled and prevailed numerous times in the commission and legislative processes, but currently a proposed ballot proposal is being considered.

This initiative’s supporters are using disinformation as a weapon. They created the term “Trophy Hunting” in order to deceive the public and prospective voters, hiding their actual goals under a pretext of care, over fair chase, cruelty, and mismanagement. The Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management have embarked on a painstaking journey of legal, educational, and logistical endeavors to quash this unfounded initiative. Their mission is clear – to halt the advance of this anti-hunting agenda before it morphs into a nationwide ban on ALL HUNTING. The stakes are high, transcending beyond the borders of Colorado, beyond the fate of Mountain Lions and Bobcats. Your support is pivotal in this battle. How can you help? Educate Yourself and Others: Download and share the insightful videos prepared by CRWM. Link to download video in profile or IG story. The “Listen” video is particularly compelling and sharing it on your personal profiles can make a significant difference. Donate Generously to CRWM: Your contributions will empower them with the necessary resources. Spread the Word: Share this cause with your network. Every share counts. Tag @c.r.w.m on Instagram or on Facebook to help spread awareness. Together, we can ensure the legacy of hunting continues to thrive in Colorado, fostering a united community that stands for responsible wildlife management. Your action today is a step towards preserving a heritage we all hold dear.