Hunting is Human

by Charles Whitwam

Throughout history humans have needed food to survive(the obvious). Not everyone was a hunter, not everyone was a gatherer, not everyone was a tool maker. But the hunters brought back the protein, the warmth from furs, the bones for tools. You can see glimpses of proud hunters painted on cave walls, or through decorations celebrating the success of a hunt.

Today, hunting is a bit different, but not as much as some may claim. Do we still need to food to survive? Yes. But we can go to a grocery store to get our food. We can go to a farmers market, we can grow our own food. With billions of humans now on the earth, it’s necessary to have these luxuries. However, whether vegan, vegetarian, or meat eater, something still needs to die. Tilling the ground, exchanging habitat for bean fields for example, all have their positive and possibly negative consequences. But the main focus here is something needs to die.

So are we hunting for survival? I’d say yes. We need food to survive and for those who choose to source their food from the wild (which I can only see as the mountain top of food sources, being that it’s wild); I’d submit that it’s the ultimate method to get food, which again, one way or the other we need for survival. And let’s not forget the adventure, the skills necessary, the camaraderie, or the connection with the earth, nature and the cycle of life that comes with being a hunter. It’s an intrinsic human value.

Vegan – something dies.
Vegetarian – something dies.
Meat eater – something dies.
Hunter – if successful, something dies.

Taking away the experience of hunting is an attack on being human. An attack on a means to food that should be celebrated as the highest form of sourcing food. An attack on wildlife management that only humans can uphold and implement through our species unique intellect that others species simply do not have. It’s an attack on getting in touch with our positive human roots in it’s purest form.

This art piece by¬†@banksy¬†inspired my thoughts on this and the overall anti-hunting movement. What do you think of when you see this? I’d like to hear your thoughts. Comment here or below