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The Hunter's Paradox October 26

The Hunter’s Paradox

The Hunter’s Paradox why do we hunt what we love It was a cold, clear morning. The sun had not yet risen, and already the hustle and bustle of the camp, consisting of uncles and cousins, was alive with the idea of the start of a brand new day. My father shook me gently, “JP, […]

September 05

Hunting is Human

by Charles Whitwam Throughout history humans have needed food to survive(the obvious). Not everyone was a hunter, not everyone was a gatherer, not everyone was a tool maker. But the hunters brought back the protein, the warmth from furs, the bones for tools. You can see glimpses of proud hunters painted on cave walls, or […]

June 24

Even when we hit a wall, we’re still winning

By Matt Smythe Advocating for fish, wildlife, and habitat conservation as well as hunters’ rights is an all-in proposition. A vocal, united, and persistent hunting community is the single best defense against anti-hunting interests that would love nothing more than for our sporting heritage to simply disappear.  The month of May is a perfect example […]

November 03

More Hunting Opportunity

If I told you there was a way to increase opportunity as a whole for hunters would you ?….

April 24

Let’s Fund Bear Research!

April 21 2022  California’s Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 4-0 to reject the HSUS petition to shut down Black Bear hunting in California. The #1 reason cited for its continuance was the SCIENCE. That’s why the Arkansas Black Bear Collaring Project is so important. We are raising money to help @arkansasgameandfish to collect incredible information on a new Black […]

April 01

Trophy Hunting vs Sustenance Hunting

Much like many things that once was acceptable to say and once had a very specific meaning. The word trophy has been co-opted by the anti-hunting community and weaponized. It is no longer acceptable for hunters to use and hunters are forced to explain themselves in other ways where the word, “trophy” once satisfied the the […]

February 15

California Hunting is under attack!!

Hunters and conservationists – this is the final sprint in the battle for California!! The HSUS war on hunting rights and conservation will only be won through massive nationwide opposition. Twisting data, manipulating emotions and stirring animosity towards the best science known does not make a foundation for policy, however HSUS is attempting to do that.  […]

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