2015 Trail Camera Review

So after several Months of testing and abuse the results are in…….. Unfortunately we only tested 4 cameras this year because we were super busy on other projects… but we combed through a bunch before we selected the 4 cameras…

They were rated in the following parameters: Ease of use: Is the interface user friendly is it easy to read and is it functional Security: Can the camera be secured so that it wont be stolen on public land. Does it need a separate security box. Ease of installation: How easy is it to hang Picture Quality: How clear are the subjects, does it work in all lighting scenarios or does it wash out in bright light Trigger Speed: Does the camera catch the full subject in frame Video Quality: How good is the video, are there different settings, how adjustable are the settings Special Features: Extra features and there “usability” in the field Sensor Distance: How far out will the camera trigger Night Time Capture Distance: What’s the range of infra red Overall Design: How is it constructed, is it ergonomic? Is it conspicuous ? Toughness: Will it stand up to punishing weather and conditions Battery Life: How long will standard batteries last Capacity: how large of a SD card does it except, and will it perform with all types of cards Does it malfunction: Does it have any quarks Warranty: What’s the warranty, how many loop holes do they have to get out of replacing your unit Customer Service: Is there someone to help you when you need it

Browning Trail Camera – Spec Ops FHD This is a very good camera we liked it a lot: it had very good picture quality pic, and the video quality was very good, trigger distance was 2nd highest. The locking box was very user friendly and easy to install and had the proper holes for the accessories. The trigger speed was par with the field. The interface was not as easy to use however for the guy who likes to just flip a switch and go the pre-set features were simple stupid, as for what it was built to do take pic/vid of game it did it job well and its a tough unit, all at a low price point

Cuddeback Cuddeback Extreme Range IR Camera,C2

This camera had some of the nicest features out of any of the cameras we tested, it was easy to set up, the trigger speed and photo quality was excellent,  but it had some shortfalls battery life was the lowest. Also it took a lot of photos of empty space trigger was almost too sensitive . Security boxes were hard to find as well so unless you have your own land I would not recommend this unit. This unit was built for longer range triggering and at 20-25 yards at night we could see the deer very clearly even at that distance.

Bushnell 12Mp Trophy Cam Essential Hd, Brown, LG Very fast trigger speed and the interface is simple and you can customize how long you want your video how long in between you are not stuck to preset, battery life is the best tested by far.. trigger distance was the 2nd best we tested consistently, quality of pics was very good but video is great, its priced right, very dependable, one of the few units we tested that had zero functioning issues. ..I wasn’t too surprised that Bushnell made my favorite list again, it really stood up to everything we through at t and performed as described in every test if not better..

Covert Scouting Cameras MP8 MO,MOak Breakup Country, 28 IR

This was a fantastic little performer and for the money they are hard to beat great trigger speed, quality photos nice interface that’s somewhat easy to use. Bang for the buck it is a great camera. And I would recommend it to anyone.