June 28

8.30 Robert Hanneman shares with us big game tag drawing secrets and strategies

John Talks to Huntin Fool Chief tag strategist Robert Hanneman about big game draw strategies and tip to draws those tags you have been dreaming about.

Because I have to go on average 12 hunts a year to produce 10 episodes of Days in the Wild its imperative that I draw tags with consistency. Every year i shell out about $12,000 in tag fees with the hope to draw 2 or 3 good tags each season. I have spent al ot of time and effort learning the draw system for each state with enough proficiency to apply and gain some success. Robert does this for a living he studies trends in population, trophy quality, tag numbers, draw odds and success rates and puts it all together for his clients to build them a strategy for their hunting careers. I say careers because there are many coveted tags out there that take decades to even get a mathematical chance to draw.


I have been lucky over the years and have drawn some coveted tags like AZ Desert Big Horn Sheep,  and Florida Mts Ibex to name a couple but it has been my savvy selection of OTC tags that has kept me in the public eye. In this episode Robert shares his knowledge with us about good OTC hunting opportunities that way you can always have a hunt planned while you are waiting for the golden ticket.

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