97 yard shot with a bow

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We just got back from hunting with Wyoming Hunting Outiftters Myself and two of my THC ProStaff each of us had a mule deer tag and an antelope tag. We hunted for 5 days spot and stalk archery and we were able to fill 4 out of the six tags, let me say that is a true testiment of a good outfitter. Bill DeShaw owner and operatetor of Wyoming huntng Outfitters really surprised me…. He had us on game the whole time. I say he surprised me because I have been to a lot of outfits where they fill you with promises and you end up with nothing and then they chalk it up to “well thats why they call it hunting”. Bills hunts are affordable and most importantly FUN!

I had decided that I would try and get my antelope out of the way first because i was really interested in scoring a big muley, as luck would have it I was able to score on my antelope buck the first day. Now i am sure i will get a lot of Slack for this, but I want everybody to know that I practice out to 100 yards reliogiously and I consitantly make softball sized groups. Moreopver I have harvested several animals over 80 yards includeding my last two antelope. Now that I have tooted my own horn….. take a look at this buck I drop at 97yards in his tracks. It looks like I spine him but i didnt. The uphill angle and quartering away i shot him in the top near side lung came out the other side just as he turned his head and hit him in the back of the head on the pass though.

If you would like to find out how you can effectivly shoot out to longer distances check out the hunting channel online courses