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Person’s Name: lee

Question: i what to know to track deer in my hunting eara how to schot for deer
what to look for

Answer: first check out resource center and use the mapping tools or google earth if you have it. Look at 3d and arial photos of the areas try to distinguish lanscape features that typically hold deer like, benches, water sheds, saddles and edges within these areas look for funnels, inside corners fence lines and anything you think will alter deer movement. mark those areas then locate thme in the filed and inspect for deer sign like: dropping signs of feeding, rubs and scrapes and deer beds. i areas of high potential useage place trail cameras up if you have them if not set up a stand in th eoff season far off the the areas an observe from a distance with binos. try to pattern what th edeer are doing, what type of deer you are getting etc. then pick a stand site accordingly. good luck