AZ left -over tags for Deer

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Guided youth hunt

AZ main deer draw has close and now all those units that had unsubscribed tags will have a secondary draw following the posting of main draw results. There are still many excellent tags that will be available during this second draw period actually a large number of these tags were/are what would be considered a first choice worthy coues deer tag.

Many guys have caught onto the game I had be playing for the last 15 years or so. Each year I would put in for a high profile tag or “trophy tag” and if i drew it great if not I would receive my bonus point and just put in for a left-over tag. 9 times out of ten I would get the left-over tag and be able to hunt in a great unit on a excellent hunt and still build points for that premium tag. It was and I guess still is a very good strategy. However, more and more hunters are implementing this strategy and as a result that 9 out 10 has become a 6 out of 10 I get to go hunting. The one benefit to more guys using this strategy is there are more units going unsubscribed in the main draw My outfitting service Days in The Wild Outfitters utilizes this because now we can almost guarantee a tag for these upper middle ground hunts in the primary draw.

coues deer hunts, guide coues hunt, hunt az, arizona guided hunts, leftover deer tags
Guide Shane with happy Hunter

The one draw back is now the secondary “draw” (which is not really a draw its a pseudo first come first serve tag) has become much more competitive and its harder although still viable to get you a tag for some primo left-over coues deer tags. Don’t fret! if you want to come hunting for Coues deer in Arizona with Days in the Wild its still very doable you just cant drag your feet. Contact me by July 15th you still will have a 1&6 chance of getting a good tag to come hunt with us.

Guided coues deer hunts