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How to Find Bear

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Member Brad C. asks

We are not allowed to hunt bear over bait in my home state. What would you suggest?

Well Brad It really depends on the type of country you are hunting, Big Timber?, Juniper?, Open Country?

A couple of ways would be:

sit on natural food crops that you see a lot of bear sign in.

sit a water hole that shows sign. get a trail cam up early in season so you can pattern him.

Calling can be effective too, i have called in bear with a fawn in distress call and even a jackrabbit call, i call 1min then off 2min for an hour or so. this can be fun because you can have some other action as well with other predators that may be in season.

Glassing open country, or open areas on hillsides or juniper is very effective in known bear habitat. This my preferred tactic

Also read your regs really closely you may not be able to hunt over bait, but you still may be able to a bait an area put up trail cams to get an idea of what’s in the area. Also again make sure its legal but every time you set out bait set off a bear bomb, a bear will begin to associate the bear bomb with food so when it time to hunt you can just set off a bomb and no food.

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