California to Ban All Bear Hunting

The anti-hunters are at it again! Now they are trying to ban all bear hunting in CA. What people need to understand is that this is an attack on hunting and whether you are a bear hunter or not we need to stick together and stand up for all hunting not just what interests us…. Every time they take away hunting they get closer to what you are passionate about.

This bill has the stink of the Humane Society all over it in fact the person who is proposing the ban has links to HUSUS.

California bear hunting ban

S.B. 252 aims to end all black bear hunting in California.  This bill is not based on science, biology or wildlife management.  S.B. 252 would result in over 1 million dollars lost revenue for the state. S.B. 252 would potentially cause jobs to be lost in both the state and civilian sector.  S.B. 252 falsely assumes it will end trophy hunting of bear which is already illegal in California as the meat from a bear must be taken according to California Fish & Wildlife law. Bear hunters along with their families and friends eat bear meat.  S.B. 252 falsely claims the bear population in California is in jeopardy.  Actual science and wildlife studies refute this evidence as the bear population in California has grown 400% in the last 40 years.  S.B. 252 is deceptive and wildly dangerous.  It’s unacceptable. According to a 4 year study in California conducted by wildlife biologists on deer equipped with gps & vhf collars bear are (1) the leading cause of deer fawn mortality and (2) the study points to bear causing mountain lions to kill more deer because of bear carcass stealing from lions.  Lions already need to kill 1 deer per week.  With bear numbers constantly rising (as CA own state wildlife professionals have logged), this has led to a significant decline in deer numbers.  Based on science & data S.B. 252 will cause even more damage to California’s wildlife. 

Get involved don’t Let this happen! Join HOWL For Wildlife to stop this ridiculous bill.  

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