Checked trail cam today

So I finally got out and went to retrieve one of my SD cards from my trail camera, and to my surprise, for a hunting spot that I had totally written off this late season turn out to be a great spot.

I had been working this Spot in Tonto national Forest for about 4 years did a little spot and stalk but because of the terrain it never panned out for me. So i decide to hunt it more like whitetail and stand hunt.

I set up a trail camera in a natural funnel and between good cover and good feed.  But I got so busy with my with my other hunting areas this year I just wrote this one off. look at some of the bucks that came through.

One of the craziest things i saw was is a big buck chasing a hot doe On March 3rd. I have seen it many times in February but never in march, just goes to show how spread out Arizona rut is.

And check out the does in the snow,yes snow in the desert in February.

We had 640 videos on this camera from Dec 15th to April 9th ;lots of bobcats, javelina and freaking coyote after coyote, and every one of them urinated in my mock scrap.  check out the videos here