Coues Deer Rut

coues deer rub and scrape

scrapeWell the rut is still in full swing each year from Dec-Jan I take to the field with my bow with the hopes of scoring a nice Coues whitetail buck. And it is during this time that I have learned a lot about the habits and nueances that make the Coues Whitetail both very much the same and very differnt than their eastern cousins.

The habitat is very differnt, but most people dont know this or havent not looked hard enough to find it but Coues deer do make rub lines and scrapes durring the breeding season. If you look hard enough and put these signs togther in conjunction with a wtarehole or good crop of cati fruit you may be able to employ some eastern tactics and intercept or possibly call in a good buck.

here is a coues deer making a rub i videos through my binos on my iphone and a couple of pics of the rub and a scrape he made. and Finaly a pic of him on the ground when I shot him the next day. If you would like to find out how check out the whitetail blueprint