Early Season

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So the early season is in its second week, and still no sign of the 4×4 that i have been patterning in the preseason. He came through on opening day and of course I was not able to hunt opening day. I think since I am hunting public land it all due to hunting pressure, also I went against my golden rule of getting ground blinds up and brushed in a week or more in advance. Actually I usually make a ground blind out of dead-fall and brush when I first set up my cameras early in the season so the deer get used to a structure being there. But since I had no intention of hunting out of a blind I did not do so. No i am paying the price. i will be heading back up this week with the new moon and slightly cooler temps I am hoping for some more day time movement.

I am hoping to slip back in there and set up a stand in the evening on the trail leading down to the water hole on this finger of trees that funnels the deer through the area past my mineral lick.

He’s no monster but I like his rack he’s got some stickers and a cool frame.