Elk cupcakes

Elk meat recipe

I’m always looking for creative ways to get my kids to eat healthy and for a bit of variety in my own culinary excursions. I saw a picture of a meat cupcake and I thought to myself that looks fun to try. Without having any guidelines or a recipe to follow I decided to pull out one of my old meatloaf ideas and turn it into something completely different.

Makes about 6 cupcakes


1lbs ground elk meat

½ cup coarse grated Romano cheese

4 slices boar’s head white American cheese cut into small cubes

½ brick of Philadelphia cream cheese cut into 4

1 jalapeno fresh rough chopped

½ cup of chopped cilantro

1 juicy lime maybe two

1/4cup of heavy whipping cream

1 14oz can of mushroom pieces and stems drained and pressed to remove water then rough chop

1 can of chipotle peppers in adobe

2 teaspn salt

½ teaspoon black pepper

4-6 large potatoes for mashed potatoes ( in this recipe I made Idahoan instant 4 cheese potatoes… I know sacrilegious! But they are so good for this) If you are gonna use fresh potatoes you will probably want to start those prior to cooking the meat.

Things you will need:

Smoker is preferred but can do in the oven

Food processor

Piping bag large tip

Cupcake pan

Meat thermometer

The Elk Meat:

If you are using frozen elk meat I always let it defrost slowly in a colander over another stainless steel bowl to catch the blood that comes out you want to drain as much of it as possible. That’s what gives the metallic taste most people complain about while eating game meat.

Combine the meat, romano cheese, the mushrooms, 1teaspn salt, black pepper, the American cheese and lastly add in just the adobo sauce from the can and one pepper if you want extra heat. Mix very well so that it’s all combined evenly.

Preheat your smoker or oven to 375, then spray your cupcake sheet with cooking spray or coat with butter. Then form approximately 6 meat cupcakes into the pan. Place in center of cooking surface takes approximately 25-35mins to cook with internal temp of 160 degrees F

The frosting:

While your elk meat cupcakes are cooking combine the jalapeno , cilantro and half of your whipping cream into the food processor run on high until everything is finely chopped, add in half your salt, the cream cheese, lime juice and blend until smooth, adding a little whipping cream in at a time until you reach a consistency that is easily pipped through your bag. Add in rest of salt to your taste as you build the frosting to consistency. Move the finished frosting to the piping bag and place in the fridge while cupcakes finish cooking.


Take a scoop of mashed potato and place in the middle of the plate, place elk meat cupcake in center of your scoop press down to gain some stability. Then take your frosting mixture and pipe on the desired amount ( I like “more is better” theory with this one) then serve. I ate two helpings and I was very full. Kids made it through one each almost.