Backpack hunting February 18

Elk Hunting Tips

Elk Hunting Tips:

Here are a couple of my favorite elk hunting tips, I feel like most hunters are so wrapped up in trying to find elk or trying to call them in that they lose sight of preparing themselves to close the deal when they are presented with a shot. I have been a big proponent of “practicing for the game” or putting yourself into life like scenarios when practicing since I can remember . So each year in the off season I make sure I put myself through a series of training that matches closely to the game and style of hunts I have scheduled that season.

When I know I will be elk hunting I have several hunting tips that I rotate through to prepare me for the hunt but these two are a must when I am elk hunting.

Elk hunting tip #1:

Learning to hold for long periods of time and still make accurate shots. Now of course practicing long hold shooting is a good way to prefect this however one little trick I learned over the years is to, draw back and hold without getting into your sight. Keep both eyes open and point the bow in the direction of the elk but don’t put your eye in the peep or your pin on the target if you are waiting for him to clear an obstruction. Here is a good video explaining this

Elk Hunting Tip #2

Another excellent elk hunting tip is to practice tracking your targets in conjunction with long holds . Elk are often walking in or walking by when you are presented a shot and even at short yardages this can be tricky if you don’t practice these elk hunting scenarios. I like to play a little game with my friends where you set up 3-5 targets left to right at different yardages and you draw back and hold for 30 secs then begin to track left to right or vise versa and your friend says “stop” and whatever target you are pointing at you make the shot. You can do this on your own as well. Here is quick video I made to demonstrate this elk hunting tip

Elk Hunting Tip #3

Elk Hunting tip: Put yourself into shooting scenarios that most closely resemble the conditions you will face while hunting and its not a bad idea to set up a practice session during the slow part of the hunt in the exact terrain etc you are hunting in. This will give you extra added confidence to make the shot when the time comes. Another thing I like to do is set the target at uneven ranges so I have to practice splitting my pins to make the shot.

So this off season start incorporating these little elk hunting tips and think about making your practice session more sport specific