June 23


Elk Roast with Lentils

If you are like me you are always looking for ways to cook up last seasons successes. Hands down Elk meat is my favorite to work with because its so close to beef in flavor only that it doesn’t have a lot of fat .  I am constantly trying to come up with my own recopies probably from all the hours I spend watching the food network . Seriously my family loves to watch the cooking shows.

Enjoy elk hunting? check out my podcast with Joel Turner on calling in bulls

Great recipe I came up with for elk roast;

Special Tools:

crock pot

bbq grill


1.5lbs elk chuck roast

2cups heirloom cherry tomatoes

1 sprig of fresh rosemary

salt and black pepper

1lbs of green lentils

chicken stock or bullion

olive oil

baby spinach



1)Heat up your BBQ grill to about 550-600 f

2)Toss your tomatoes and half your rosemary in a small bowl with olive oil salt and black pepper (set aside)

3) salt and pepper your rested or near room temp roast liberally

4) put the roast and the tomatoes on the grill about 2 mins per side to get a quick sear and char then remove and set aside


5)add your lentils to the crock pot with just under 3 cups of chicken stock

6) take 3-4 pieces of bacon and wrap your roast

7)set your roast on top of the lentils and then place the chard tomatoes on top of roast the acidity from the tomatoes will help break down the meat

8)set crock pot to an 8 hour cook time on low

9) check the roast about 6 hours in if its falling apart then remove from the lentils and pull off the bacon . on a separate plate pull the meat apart until it is in fine strands easy to eat. I typically taste it here to see if it needs salt and salt to taste.

10) add the baby spinach to the lentils and fold in the meat and let it cook for another 10mins or so the spinach wilts to tender but not changes color.


Serve with some more fresh rosemary and Parmesan cheese sprinkled  over the top. You can also make this same recipe with beef (as depicted in the photos)I just don’t included the bacon the beef has enough fat on its own.