Filming in the Field

We get a lot of questions about filming in the field and what equipment to use. Well with todays technology if you are not trying to do this for a living you can film your whole hunt on you r iPhone or comparable smart phone… This year we really utilized the iPhone 5s which takes amazing video.. We actually film my whole Elk hunt with the iphone and it turned out very nice and most people would have never known unless we told them.. One of the things we like to use it for is cutaway material or B-roll.. if your whole field staff is video little moments here and there throughout your hunt you will end up with multi camera angles and extra video to tell your story in the end…The iPhone is easy to use, easy to carry and there are many accessories to enhance your experience such as lens, mounts and adapters. One of my favorite items is the Outdoorsmans Digiscope this allows me to film myself while scouting or just get long range footage while we are in the field. Another cool item is the iphone telephoto lens and now you can even turn you phone into DSLR So if you don’t want to carry a whole bunch of stuff or extra weight but you would like to start filming your hunts take a look into your pocket you may already have what you need