Get Your Own Hunting TV SHOW

The Hunting Channel is looking for 5) 2-3 man crews to make up a team for our TV show “Days in The Wild”

We are putting together a team of 5 groups of guys to make up one show called “Days in The Wild” , each group will have 3 shows that they will host and the remaining 12 shows each group will have a segment within each show. So everyone is on every show and everyone gets a chance to host. Each group will be responsible to secure $6,600 worth of sponsorship we will do the airtime buying, editing, organization, planing and marketing etc. As you may or may not know it costs anywhere from $45,000-$60,000 during primetime on the big networks to air a show so this is a huge opportunity to get in without having to come up with such a huge nut. Let me know if you are interested I’m only excepting one team from each part of the country.