Going Hunting with “The Great” Duwane Adams

Duwane Adams is known as the professional’s, professional. If you are ready to conquer desert mulies or coues deer on public land, there is no better guy to hunt with.

I have been guiding for 7-8 years in the desert southwest, I have written books, hosted TV shows etc etc. and yet every year in january I make it a point to have Duwane Guide me.

He has a profound connection with the desert and allways locates a bigger and better throphy each year for me.

We will be doing an exclusive interview with him, it will be one of the first of our interviews with the masters series on http//:www.thehuntingchannelonline.com version 2.0 ( which by the way is set to luanch sometime in febuary).

We will also be offering Duwane’s books “How to Hunt Coues Deer” and “Hunting Monster Bucks of the Kiabab” plus his DVD’s at a 15% discount only on THC.

Keep in touch next week i wil be trying out my new BB app and posting video blogs of the hunt.