Groundblind Review- after 45 days of testing we finaly have our results in!

So we had these blinds set up from early December straight through Jan and pulled them out 2 days ago. We set them up in desert scrub, juniper/conifer, and high desert vegetation types. We did not have time to test them in a hardwood type scenarios but we feel that they were adequately tested.

3 of our prostaff including myself inspected and tested these blinds we averaged their scores and came up with the results.

The contestants:
Cabelas: In last place the cabalas matrix blind. what can i say you get what you pay for we manage to rip the roof while brushing it in, the zipper got stuck and we used a safety pin to keep door closed, the first time you open it it works like a dream then when you try to close it…that’s another story save some money and buy a better blind

Ameristep: Bang for the buck not a bad blind, the window placement scored very high with our prostaff, ease of set up was a little under our expectation the hubs kept getting caught, it was even harder to close the blind. It was offered in several different camo patterns and some with 3D type leaves. the fabric held its color and did not fade, the zippers did not stick, all in all a decent blind. I d actually recommend it over our second place winner due to price point.

Primos: The double bull or primos blind has the highest quality fabric of all of them and is a low sheen fabric. there shoot through netting fell short in our target tests through the net. the windows for all of us seemed that you had to almost force yourself into position to make the shot. However, it did shine in set up and take down. And that’s why it took second place

Killzone: Our over all Winner Killzone! Really just a good sound blind and for the price is much better than some more expensive blinds we tested that are not listed because they did not want to participate in our test. The shoot through net utilized a quite zipper. The windows were spot on for most shape and sizes of hunters. The fabric was high quality. Set up and take down were smooth. The camo patterns matched the terrain better than most. There were ample brush in straps. If you have any issues you deal direct with the manufacture. All in all the best blind for the money. My only criticism was the loop and toggle latches that hold up the black out window are kinda poor quality, its a poor system in my opinion but almost every blind manufacture uses that system I think they should use magnets something that seals better and lasts longer.

The RUN n GUN style:
We only had two competitors in this category and it wasn’t even close. And really the winner of this category was almost the winner over all.

HS Strut: This is a nice cheap way to conceal yourself in the field, its light and easy to carry, however it is very cumbersome to set up, it fell down more times than we could count, it requires the ideal hunting stand to even set it up, so its versatility is lacking.

Ghost Blind:
On the other hand we have the Ghostblind probably the most versatile blind on the market, it really is a go anywhere set up anyplace type blind, I cant think of a better turkey set up for those of you who like to run and gun. As a big game blind the larger version dose a very nice job of keeping you concealed and comfortable. It has a whole assortment of accessories that add to its value and usability, the carrying backpack is awesome, and really the only thing we all agreed we didn’t like about it was that sense of security or lack there of. When you are in a enclosed blind your scent and movements are masked better than an open style blind. But I tell you what there is something to be said about not having to set up blind weeks in advance and having to brush it in that sits really well with me. I suggest you guys take a look into this set up it’s a nice piece of equipment to add to your repitua.