June 01


GRS BiFrost Stock Review

Several months ago I set out out to build a 1000 yard gun. I wanted to do it without having to use a gunsmith / custom gun manufacture and I wanted it to cost under $3000 . My platform began with a use Tikka T3 chambered in 6.5 creedmore I picked up for $800, I purchased a Lil bastard muzzle break $160 , a Ziess Conquest scope $650 , a custom turret from Kenton industries, and finally to complete the setup a GRS Bifrost stock $730.

GRS Bifrost stock review
GRS Bifrost stock on Tikka T3

Impressions: Now I must admit when I saw the price tag I did get a little sticker shock from the GRS but I quickly figured out why it was worth every penny. Aside from being very adjustable which I will get into later the overall ergonomics of the stock is far superior to anything I have ever shot. The finish is muted and non-reflective perfect for hunting. Attaching the sling and other accessories was made simple with quick connects and accessory rails in intuitive positions on the stock. I never once felt like I wish I had something in a different position. But where the Bifrost shines is comfort. There is something about the grip and hand position that felt like the gun became an extension of me. And the texture of the stock and grips just felt like I was shooting something next level and this is before you custom fit the stock to you.

GRS bifrost stock review
Field testing the GRS Bifrost

Adjust-ability: as promised I will share my experiences. This stock not only adjust for trigger pull and cheek height with the push of a button (that’s right no tools needed to adjust) it even adjusts for cant. Once I set it up to my shooting style its was super easy for me to get in and out of shooting position without having to search for my sight picture. There is something to be said about the efficiency of it all. In fact when I went back to shooting my other rifle I found my self a bit lost.. searching for hand placement and optimum cheek placement…. it just felt awkward. The Bifrost stock is quite frankly the most customize-able stock I have ever used!

By the Numbers: stock is made of glass reinforced polymer. There are additional rubber inserts in the grip and forearm to ensure a more solid purchase. The enhanced GRS Speedlock 2 adjustment system allows adjusting the length of pull, the height of the cheek piece as well as the height and cant of the butt plate. The stock also features short pica-tinny rails front of the forearm at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. These rail sections are removable and there are QD sling swivel sockets under the rails. The stock comes with one such rail, but additional rail sections are available for purchase separately. Another rail section for mounting monopods is located under the toe area of the stock. I actually removed all the rails to shed some weight because I do not use bi-pods i shoot off the much more reliable and accurate Phoenix Shooting bags. There is also a rear QD sling mount near the monopod rail. GRS Bifrost stock weighs 1.35 kilograms (about 3 lbs). It is currently available in green or desert tan colors. The stock is also available in right or left handed configurations.

GRS bifrost review
Super comfy grip, and adjustability

In short: I love this stock! If I had criticism about it was that its quit a bit heavier than the OEM stock and I would love to see them try to trim a bit of weight off especially for the purpose of hunting. But the pros far out weight the one con for me, so you will continue to see this on stock my Tikka..

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