How do I get my own Hunting Show

Each year we get tons of questions. “how do i start my own TV show?” Well to get on TV there are 3 common ways: 1) become a prostaff for a major company by winning archery, competitive calling contests etc. 2) Shoot a top 10 P&Y or B&C animal on film and open doors for sponsorship. 3) or like the rest of us poor slobs, get a camera, film your hunts and chase down sponsorship money to pay for production and airtime.
Making money in hunting entertainment takes a lot of effort but that being said a hard day doing what you love is better then an east day doing what you hate.
We are going to talk about #3 since it is the most realistic. When I started out in my career, I had a few good trophies under my belt but nothing to shout out from the mountain tops for. I didn’t have TV experience, I didn’t even know how the industry worked. But what I did have was drive and sales experience. Most of us look at some big name guys that their careers are carried by big industry these are your “Realtree” “Mossy oak” guys without taking anything from their achievements this is the fairytale version of having your own hunting show and as you could imagine it is the hardest to obtain. The reality of it all is you need to put a lot of time money and effort into producing a few shows, paying for some air time on your own so you have something to show potential sponsors. Most big name sponsors wont look at you if you don’t already have a show contract on TV.
So lets look at this first you need to speak with one of the hunting networks to figure out what your airtime costs will be, then you have to look at production cost: editing, cameramen, traveling, hunts etc. and lastly you need to figure out how you can have enough money left over for your efforts. A low budget show is looking at $20-40,000 per quarter. I have seen some shows make it on less but they often don’t last long.
Once you have figured out your operating costs you must then “hit the bricks” and start cold calling on potential sponsors. Start with smaller mom and pop type companies, show them how and why going with you will help their businesses. Be creative in your pricing and programs so you will have a solution for every opposition you get. Once you have secured a few pre production sponsors it is time to take the leap and get a airtime contract. Get your show up and running and do things to prove your viewership. For instance drive people to your website and have a place for them to login to capture their emails and names that way you have something to show some of the bigger companies.
So now you are airing on TV, you have trackable viewership, and starting to get a feel for the industry. Get out there and show these big companies that you can help them grow your business. A little secret the tracking viewers thing almost no one dose that, it my number one closing feature for my sponsorship sales.
I have 3 more secrets for you:
1) If you want to take less of a financial risk you can get you show on the web and start gaining sponsors. The Hunting Channel Online, has one of the best programs available for new start up shows, we make it possible for you to get paid while building your business, email to find out more about this opportunity
2). Hunting For The Dream has put together a contest where 6 teams compete to win a 1 season contract for a TV show. Each team produces shows which are judged by The viewers. You can vote for your favorite teams at Now this years contest is already underway, so you will have to wait for next season to enter, but you can check out what the competition is doing now by watching Hunting For The Dream on vote for your favorite team and be sure to put your name and email address into the form when you vote and we will send you an update when the next contest is underway.

3) John Stallone form TV Show Days in the Wild is accepting viewer hunts to include within his show and you just might score a prostaff slot or get noticed somewhere else … Submit hunt here

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