How do i scout if i dont have time

Arnie F.
Question: I love to deer hunting and getting out in the woods. Everyone says to spend alot of time in the woods scouting. Well that is where my question lies. I can’t spend much time at all scouting due to my work. What is the best way to scout an area, when you have limited time?

well arnie the best tool you have is the internet by loging onto you can use the hunting resource center to view satelite imagry and topo maps, google earth and bing maps are good resources as well. start by looking for structural funels and landscape features that deer often use. like : water sheds, saddles, benches, and ridgelines. if you are in agricultural land look for inside corners, intersecting treelines and fence rows. Also contact your local wildlife biologist to help you get info like deer densities, ratios, feeding and breeding habits. Look at pope and young enetries to see where above average deer taken in your area. If you want a more in dept look at scouting check out my new book The Whitetail Hunters Blueprint available this January only at .
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