How the Barometer Affects Deer Movement

How the Barometer Affects Deer Movement

by John Stallone


While I was working toward my master’s degree in rangeland management I began to notice a trend in some of my deer movement data, that there was a direct correlation to deer movement and barometric pressure… So I began collecting barometric pressure data from around the country from trail cameras, hunters and personal encounters on my hunts and scouting endevors.  And quite simply put deer like to move in pressure above 30.00 in and more importantly the ratio of bucks to does sighted when the pressure is between 30.00 – 30.40 goes up to 1 to 1.   When barometric pressure was between 29.7 and 29.9 much less deer were sighted ..

One exception to the rule is at the very onset of the barometric change which brought on an increase of deer movement for a few hours leading up to the sustained low pressure system

It’s no big secret that following a big storm or very windy day deer movement will increase, this is especially true if the foul weather day is followed by a high pressure day..

I wouldn’t set my hunting clock by the barometer but if you have to pick and choose your days in the woods you better off choosing days where the barometer is over 30.2 inches…

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