How to clean a skull for Euro Mount

How to do a Euro mount on your deer, hog, sheep whatever!

If you have ever tried to do a euro mount yourself you know it can take hour and hours if you don’t know how to do it properly. I sat down with Ryan Olsen of White Bone Creations to give us the run down on how to clean a skull for a euro mount.

Scott Capping out my sheep

Here are the steps to a DIY euro skull mount watch the video to get all the details and see it first hand:

  1. Keep it moist the whole process
  2. Take as much flesh off as possible
  3. Power spray out the brains and skull cavity
  4. Boil until the meat/flesh is grey and splitting (pro tip add a scoop of oxiclean)
  5. Power spray off all remaining tissue be sure to spray into every hole use see. If need be you can boil again
  6. Once all flesh is off boil in a 50/50 mixture of water and 40% by volume liquid hair developer
  7. remove skull from chemical bath and light spray with power washer once again
  8. Give once over coat with a brush of mop and glow ( yep the tile cleaner)

DIY Euro Mount