How to leave a podcast review Interviews with the Hunting Masters

How to leave a podcast review

Nothing helps boost our profile, like when our listeners leave us positive reviews on iTunes. The more reviews we get, the higher we get pushed in iTunes and the easier it is for people to find out podcast. And it only takes two minutes!

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Don’t know how? Here’s a simple tutorial on how to leave us a review in five easy steps using your iPhone.

Step 1

Open the podcasts app.

Step 2

Search for “Interviews with the hunting Masters” When it comes up, click on our logo.

Step 3

You’ll see a menu bar beneath the Logo, with the following headings: Details, Reviews and Related. Click on “Reviews.”

Step 4

Click “Write a review.” Give us a star rating (might we suggest 5 stars?) and write what you love about our show.

Step 5

Click “Send.”

If You’re on a Mac…

If you’re on a Mac, the process is pretty similar. Just visit the iTunes store, follow steps two through 5 (though you’ll click “submit” instead of “send” once you’ve written your review).

We love hearing from our listeners. Let us know once you’ve let a review and we’ll give you a shout out!



Click Here for Interviews With The Hunting Masters