November 22

New! Howl for Wildlife T shirts

Check out our new collaboration with Freedom Fatigues and Howl For Wildlife a portion of your purchase goes to supporting wildlife and your hunting Heritage. Also if you use promo code HOWL you can save 10% on anything else in their store!



Howl for wildlife is dedicated to preserving your hunting and fishing heritage by giving a voice to the everyday sportsmen. Through our platform we have connected sportsmen and women directly to the decision makers on policy and law that affect our hunting and fishing heritage and the right to hunt and fish. Howl for Wildlife vigorously supports science-based management practices and will take a “whatever it takes” approach to educating you on issues and connecting you to those decision makers deciding on those issues. The sportsman can no longer stand by and watch what we hold dear be chipped away bit by bit.

By purchasing this T-shirt, you are supporting Howl For Wildlife with necessary funding, and you are supporting Howl socially by making a lifestyle statement with your shirt. With every purchase made, Freedom Fatigues will donate 15% of net proceeds back to the cause. Click here to learn more about Howl For Wildlife, their mission, and how you can help.…/howl-for-wildlife…