Javelina Recipe

Hind quarter pulled pork: Recipe by Anthony Stallone

My cousin Anthony shot his first Javelina this season with me, he never really had an inclination to even want to shoot one until he had my Javelina Tacos last season. Anyway he asked me for my recipe to try on his and realized he had none of the ingredients or cooking utensils to try so he applied his own flavors to the cooking technique and came up with something equally spectacular

Anthony’s first Javelina

Ingredients list:

1 whole rear quarter or front quarter (cook time will vary)

2 cups orange juice

2cups pine apple juice

1/2 red onion sliced

4 tblsp oyster sauce

6 cups chicken broth

2-3 serrano chilies sliced


Pineapples diced

Cilantro chopped fine

sour cream

Flour tortillas

shredded Mexican cheese

chopped lettuce

chopped jalapenos or sliced serranos

Marinating The Javelina :

Take Javelina hind quarter and salt it on all sides liberally let sit while you make marinade.

Mix well orange juice, pine apple, and oyster sauce in large pan big enough to submerge the whole leg . then add in the 1/4 red onion

Place the whole javelina leg into the Mix so that its covered completely with your marinade be sure to cover with saran wrap and let it marinate for 48 hours in the fridge. 

Cooking the javelina: You can either use a crockpot or a big sauce pan. I find the pan is better because of its size and ease of fitting the leg into it however the crock pot is easier to maintain an even temp.

Discard all the marinate . Only use the meat that is marinated. Fill crockpot or sauce pan with approximately 6 cups of Chicken Broth or until all meat is fully covered. Add remaining red onions, and Serrano Chilies into the pot. Cook on low heat for 5 to 6 hours or until meat falls off bone. I cooked it at 285-300 degrees in a sauce pan covered tightly in foil . Once meat is tender use tongues to separate meat from bone. Taste for salt and add after meat is pulled apart if needed

Serving javelina tacos : I used flower tortillas and fried them in a hot skillet with Canola oil and made like a flour tostada. I added Mexican style blend cheese on top added meat then chopped lettuce, chopped pineapple and jalape├▒os. Topped with sour cream.

Hope you enjoy it, and found a new favorite Javelina recipe…. I know I did

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