Late Season

Just some food for thought:

For most of the country the rut has came and went and many hunters are bringing there seasons to a close, not realizing that there are still many good oppertunities to harvest whitetail; and mule deer.

If you are fortunate enough to live in Arizona the rut is drawing near and will continue on right through the ned onf the season Jan 31st: this time of year brings great oppertunity for bow hunters willing to try there hand in spot and stalk.

Other places like the gulf coast and Texas are also prime time december early january whitetail hot spots. Mexico also offers an amazing oppertunity to hunt big muleys and the elusive Cola Blanca.

But we do not need to rely on the rut to score big mature deer, If you are willing to endure the cold you can score giant bucks in the late bow season in places like Illinois; where Dale carter and the boys at Carter Outdoors boast great sucess in Jauary on winter food plots. Big bucks exhuasted from the mating season need to fuel their bodies to get ready for the long hard hual hit these hot spots. Like Dale says he who has the food is King.

Winter food senarios like this hold true for many places in the north, my good buddy Bill Deshaw in Wyoming kills big Whitetail every year in the river bottoms that surround winter crops. This time of year becomes actually easier to hunt than the rut becuase the deer go back on a pattern and with some work you can get on a big boy.