Mt Lion Hunting

If anyone ever tells you that hunting mountain lion with dogs is cheating they have never been dry ground lion hunting or have run with the dog while they work. I will admit that some outfitters have what I call a “will call hunt” this is for those who are only interested in the kill or are just physically unable to hunt. The “will call hunt” is typically a snow hunt where the outfitter run trails all night and cuts a track waits till first light and sets the dogs loose on a hot trail and once the lion is “treed” they call the hunter on the radio to come shoot it. Not my idea of hunting but to each his own, I guess… Dry ground hounds man and hunter must travel along up and down some of the nastiest terrain imaginable with the dogs until a track is cut then peruse it together until the lion is treed often in a rock out cropping, small cave or on cliff edges, the hunter must then slip in by any means to make the shot. In my opinion this gives the hunter a greater appreciation for the life he is about to take: the extra work and effort, seeing the dogs work, getting down on your hands and knees examining sign ,looking for clues as to which way the cat went, matching your wits with the desire of the dogs, the experience of it all will stay with yo a lot longer than walking up to a tree and shooting.

Not many lion guides hunt dry ground because of the difficulty and many that do are not that successful at it. If you are ready for the experience of a lifetime and want a high success rate come to Arizona and hunt with the best dry ground houndsman in the southwest Donnie Fenn of Chasin Tail Guide Service I promise you you will not be dissapointed!

Anyway here are some screen shots of my AZ Mt Lion that i took with my Mathews Heli-M