Mule Deer Hunting on the Wasatch Front with Kip Fowler

Mule Deer Hunting on the Wasatch Front with Kip Fowler

Show Notes:

A Southern Utah native, Kip now lives and hunts in Northern Utah, along the Wasatch Front. Backpacking bow hunting in the high country is one of his specialties, and he shares some of his advice for how to improve your hunting game.

Kip was always worried about becoming too reliant on technology, but there came a point when he realized that it was actually holding him back and it cost him a prize deer. That’s when he started to look for tools that would make the hunt easier, and he shares some of his adaptations.

It’s so easy in bowhunting to get discouraged, especially when you have moments where you get so close, but then something goes wrong. “Really successful bowhunters are constantly trying to eliminate the things that could go wrong”, says Kip. And they stick with it.

A lot of bowhunters will spend tons of time practicing their shot, testing their equipment, and planning their hunt. But they’ll forget to try out the food they’re going to eat ahead of time, and that can lead to some seriously unpleasant surprises out in the backcountry. Don’t forget to test your food, and your body’s reaction, before you head out.

Pictures can help you remember a hunt, but they don’t tell everything. Kip and I both have journaled some about our hunts, and the details we recorded are so much different and more helpful than just looking at pictures.

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What’s Inside:

  • When water sources and feed sources are an important part of the hunt.
  • Where is it easier to hunt mule deer: the desert or the high country?
  • Why mental fortitude is going to help you on the hunt.
  • How nail polish, sharpies, and other hacks can help you make small improvements.  

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Short Description:

As a lifelong bowhunter, Kip Fowler has some tips to take your bowhunting to the next level. In addition to telling some great hunting stories, Kip focuses on some of the smaller details today that can add up and make your bowhunting experience more successful and enjoyable.


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