Muzzle breaks and Premium triggers and why they Make the Difference with John Huber 8.36

Episode 8.36 John Stallone talks with John Huber of Huber concepts on trigger pull and muzzle breaks and the importance in precision shooting..

Why Muzzle brakes work:  The strategy of a muzzle brake is to redirect and control the burst of combustion gases that follows the departure of a projectile

In this episode we talk about:

* Trigger pull

* Trigger timing

* Dual stage triggers 

* The importance of a muzzle break

* Shot timing



From John Huber:

Many thanks to John Stallone for what he means to our industry.

Congrats on his  Podcast  Award Nomination ! 

“Interviews with the Hunting Masters” 


Good Show John !

Huber started 18 years ago looking at a Mauser.  Loved the history and the rifle but hated to shoot it.

Very poor trigger.   So a new mouse trap was born incorporating ball bearings.


10 years later, most all Mil Surp era bolt owners are now are able to have fun shooting.

Depending on the rifle, adjustable single and two stage Huber Balls Triggers are in stock.


After repeated requests to build a Huber for a modern rifle, the Rem 700 Style was born.

The complex time based design is not just a replacement trigger, it improves shot timing.


Wisconsin based Huber manufactures terrific Single Stage as well as 2 Stage versions for Rem 700 OEM or clone actions.


Product Announcement

Exclusively news for John Stalone’s PodCast friends –


              Huber 700 Style triggers are now shooter tunable.

              (historically factory set to individual order specs)



              Lifetime Warranty

              (just don’t shoot a hole in it)



              Gun Builder and Dealer program now available



There are many shooting instruction programs throughout the country.  Jamie Dodson, top shooter and owner of Synergy Arms/Wolf Precision has Hubers in all his training rifles.   For beginners, especially women, they are able to feel the trigger and not fear the gun.   Advanced shooters are able to improve their shot timing.

When all is said, the trigger is the last interface the shooter has with his rifle.  We think that is important to consider.


Several years ago John told Diz that he had an idea for a muzzle break.  Diz offer less than zero support as everyone make brakes.   John’s design of the Huber Square Brake is the best ever. Check out the UTube video on Huber’s Website and see if you agree.


                No Recoil

                No Muzzle Rise

                No Air Concussion

                Significant sound reduction


Diz received a call from a new Square Brake customer. Popped it on his .338 Lapua and fired over 80 rounds… not too bad – but pretty expensive ammo !


For what it is worth, today, yes today Huber is dropping the price of the Square Brake from $135 to $75 for #IWTHM subscribers.




“Shoot a Huber”

“Better Shot Timing Guaranteed”



Diz Disbrow, CFO and John Huber, CEO are life-long friends, Fond du Lac Wisconsin natives and Partners in Huber Concepts.

Huber Triggers






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