New Secret Weapon for Deer Hunting

So I was approached by one of my prostaff who introduced me to HECS Camo, he told me it was the greatest camo system he had ever tried, so I had to see for myself. So if you have nevr heard of HECS before its a new technology in fooling big game. Simply put if you wear this camo it will help conceal you in a manor that is new and refreshing from all the rest beacues it targets “The 6th Sense”. Animals have an uncanny ability to detect the proximity of humans, this study explores the hypothesis that animals sense EMF (electromagnetic field) emissions produced by the human body. Overall, the study finds that using EMF blocking garments makes a human significantly less-detectable by animals. And HECS camo does just that makes you less detectable.

Well aside from my prostaffers testimonial I decided to contact HECS and pick up a couple suits to put through one of our season long field test. So far I have taken it out on two scouting trips. One for muleys and one for Elk. Both times i had animals feeding within 15 yards of me while I was sitting in a bush on the ground (no blind). The jury is still out, its a long season but I think this new technology might be the real deal.

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