Off season hunting tips

Many people ask us what do we do in the off season to prepare for the up coming hunts. Well, me personally its all about mental and physical preparedness. After I spend Feb-april planing and booking hunts, i am at work again getting my mind set and my body in tune with what is to come.
I am primarily a bow hunter so i log a lot of hours shooting. My number one training tool is” practicing for the Game” . What do i mean? Basically I research the style and tactics that I will need to use for the up coming hunt and i will incorporate them into my training. Example: if my hunting is from a treestand, my practice is from a treestand. If i am using Swhacker broads to hunt with i am using them to practice, if my game is deer im using a #D deer target to shoot. You get the point….I dont stand up right in front of a bag at 20 yards if I am going to be shooting from a kneeling or seated position at animlas that I cant get closer than 50 yards to. Practice how you will be hunting. I take it a step further when I get closer to eason I will use the same equipment, accessories, packs and other gear. Anything that i will be hunting with and practice shooting with it on. I equate a lot of my success to being ready when the time comes.
For fear of sounding like I am tooting my own horn I wasnt going to use an example but I feel it is necessary for you to understand what good practice equates too. Last year i shot 2 mule deer, 5 whitetail, 1 elk, 2 fox, 1 coyote, 1 javelina and a bear thats 13 big game animals( and yes they were all free range and on public land) and I released 14 arrows last season. Yes i do miss! But I will take those numbers every year if I could….. And you can too If you get your body and mind focused on the task by practicing the way you will hunt ( practice for the game) ….

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