One day to hunt

Well I got the OK from my pregnant wife to hunt one day in the early season which is currently in progress now. I know what you are thinking, I’m Whipped!
Actually it was a promise I made to not hunt in aug or sept so I can spend time with my daughter who is due to come any day now.
I have 8 other trips planned for this year, yes it is a step down from my normal 13 but still commendable.

Anyway Maria saw how it was eating me up inside that I wasn’t hunting the opener and how I didn’t hunt bear and only hunted turkey for two days this year, and said “why don’t you go up for the day.”

Now the dilemma is how to make it happen in one day. Do I still hunt, spot and stalk or hunt one of my old stand sites. Mind you this is wilderness hunting and I cant guarantee that deer will use the same areas as they did in the previous year, though the likelihood is good that they will.

I may lose sleep over this tonight!