Pack Llamas and Hunting


In 2013 we were at a Hunting and Conservation Expo doing a small seminar on Pack Llamas and Hunting . When the time came around for questions the first one that we got asked was “So…. Why do you pack with llamas?” We were shocked mostly because we just tried for 60 minutes to explain all about Pack Llamas and Hunting . We have learned that it is better to speak so you can’t be misunderstood rather than to speak to be understood. So we responded in short: “we hunt with pack llamas so we can go farther, stay longer and hunt harder!

This has become our Motto and here is why Pack Llamas and Hunting are a great way to hunt:


If you are in the best shape of your life and enjoy the outdoors, exploring, hiking or hunting then the Western United States could very well be your playground but even then there are limitations. If you are not in the best shape of your life, or if age and injury play a part in your decreased ability to explore the backcountry like you once have then consider llamas.

Say for example that you are indeed in the best shape of your life and want to hike a 45 mile stretch on the Continental Divide over 10 days. During this trip with your family or friends you want to hike a few extra peaks, fish a few lakes and you want to take along your camera to capture the adventure. For this type of trip that is a lot of food, gear, fishing poles and camping equipment to carry. You might not be able to go that full 45 miles or see all the destinations you wanted to see if you carry all the gear yourself. Taking along a few llamas to assist you in your trip will help you go the distance and to aid you if anything unexpected happens or injuries occur.

For big game hunters in the west this thought is always in the back of your mind: HOW AM I GOING TO GET THE MEAT OUT? Whether you are on a limited entry draw tag or a general season in your home state chances have it you’re looking to be successful and harvest an animal. If you have a dream spot calling your name that is 5+ miles from any roads but you don’t go there because it is too far to go to harvest an elk in September and get it out before the meat spoils, now is your chance to go there by packing with llamas. 3 of our llamas can take out almost any size of elk, 1 of our llamas can handle most deer. If you’re short on time and can only go hunting for 2 nights but know you can barely get to where the animals are let alone have time to hunt them or pack any meat out. Don’t stay home this year when that opportunity presents itself, call us up and rent some pack llamas and go hunting .

Pack Llamas and Hunting

Pack Llamas and Hunting

Pack Llamas and Hunting…


When back packing, hiking, and especially hunting many times you have to start your return trip early because if you are carrying your gear on your back vs. not having any gear to carry it takes more time to reach your vehicle. If you have llamas you are typically carrying a lighter load yourself. The less weight you carry the less tired you will be especially towards the end of your trip. This has allowed us to reach more destinations and bag more peaks with the time we have scheduled.

If you are hunting and it’s the end of day 4 on your 5 day hunt you more than likely are planning to hike out early on day 5. If you harvest something on day 5 the chances of you getting it packed out on your back without the aid of stock and making it back to work on Monday morning is slim to none. With llamas we have been able to hunt right up to the last minute. With a pack string of 3-4 llamas we have been able to harvest an animal near last light, quarter it up, load it on the llamas and get our entire camp out in one trip. This has allowed us more time hunting.

Everyone’s vacation time is sacred to them. You don’t want to waste a minute. We recommend if you’re going to the back country to enjoy the great outdoors try to utilize all your time and take along some pack llamas to help you best utilize your time.


If you are going to go farther into the back country you have probably given some consideration to your physical shape. The backcountry of the Rockies is relentless and rugged. To be consistently successful you must be as relentless as the country you are hunting. If you’re going farther you typically plan on staying longer and hunting until the last moment possible. Again llamas allow you to go farther, stay longer and hunt harder. We pack in food with the llamas we would not bring on a back pack hunt without llamas. The higher caloric intake, better meals, fresh meat, vegetables and fruit always gives us the boost we need to stay focused and energized in both extreme cold and hot conditions. Having the llamas to shuttle your meat and camp around as conditions change has proved to be a priceless tool for us. Ultimately having the llamas has given us the confidence to pursue game at certain times of the day and in different locations that we would have others wise waited on and possibly missed a golden opportunity. to Find out more about Pack Llamas and Hunting check out Beau’s Page

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