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Person’s Name: Wayne

Q. Bedding or feeding areas? which is the better place to hunt?

They are equally good it all depends on the situation:

Stand hunting: If you are stand hunting I generally like to set up a stand on trails leading to feeding areas in the pre-rut and early rut, because does will continue on with there routines and are often followed by trailing bucks. I don’t ever really hunt right on or near a beading area. stand locations between bedding and feeding areas work well for early season hunts because most of the bucks will stage back from feeding areas and cruise somewhere between where they sleep and eat.

Spot and stalk hunting: In non rut situations, I generally glass feeding
areas in the morning and put animals to bed before I stalk them. In the
evening I watch for animals coming out of the bottoms and heavy cover
(bedding areas) and try to intercept them as they move to feeding areas.
During the rut I glass everything and look for does cause the bucks are
never to far off.