November 17

Jumpstart 10 day challenge workout

With the holidays coming and New Year’s resolutions just around the corner many of us reflect on our health and what we can do to lose the holiday 10 or just do better this year than the last. Some of us may have fallen out of our routines due to the COVID-19 ridiculousness, or just need a quick workout well whatever your reasoning this is a good workout challenge to “jumpstart” the system, start building a routine and shed a few in the process.

Pretty simple and that why I like it wake up each morning drink a full 12oz of water 10mins before you start your workout. This gets your metabolism going, and of course the obvious helps you stay hydrated. ( always drink water throughout your workouts as well)

You have two full weeks your quick workout will be M-F and your rest days are Saturday and Sunday. There are 3 different blocks and you alternate the blocks each day. So Mon you do block one, tues block two, wed block three and thurs back to block one and just follow the pattern:

Block 1: (5 sets)

20 body squats

20 push ups

30 Crunches

20 calf raises

Block 2: (5 sets)

20 dumbell curl

20 lateral raises

30 sec plank

20 bent over row

Block 3: (5 sets)

20 “U” crunches

1min of step ups alternating legs