Scouting for deer

I start my scouting each year by checking the internet for new places to hunt. I do this by using the map feature on the hunting channel online. I pull up 3D images of the areas i have researched through fish and game reports and pope and young entries. I look for the structures and lanscape features i know will hold deer.

Mainly, water holes, saddles, benches, intersecting ridges, transition areas, and funels. it is these primary areas that give me my first indication where to start scouting.

I will methodically examine theese areas in 3D mode of THC maps figuring out how they are all interconnected and how deer would use them. I create maps with GPS coordinates and notes to help me locate sign when its times to actually start infield scouting.

I will take my maps and corralate them with stuff like deer/car accident reports, looking closely at time of year, time of day, deer ratio, frequency and location. I will again add this to my notes and guide map.

Once season draws near I will go to those areas that i have picked out and begine looking for sign: dropping, evidence of feeding, tracks, rubs, scrapes, hair and anything else that might clue me into what is using the area.

Once I have dtermined deer are frequenting an area I will set up trail cameras to record as much deer activity as possible. That way I can pattern any bucks in the area. Some times i will just set up a blind and sit back and observe deer so i can get a first hand look at their behavior.

It is very important to learn how deer act and react to your intrusion, anyway this is another topic which we will cover another day.