Scouting For Whitetail Deer

Hi welcome to the hunting channel online’s tips of the week sponsored by Illinois xtreme whitetails. I want to talk to you about pre season scouting and one of the first things I do when im planning a hunt. Not many people know how much work goes into my scouting before I ever hit the woods. I use the resources that are available to me to get as much leg work done from home before I ever set foot in the woods. I first check to see what land is available to me hunt, then I will check state harvest reports look for those areas that take the median or slightly above average harvest, I will look at success rate, and number of registered hunters in that county. My next move is to correlate those findings with the pope and young record book entries this is how I narrow my search down to a select few areas, join us next week to get the next piece of the puzzle  and remember to save money on premier guided hunts like Illinois xtreme whitetails join