scouting Part 3

Hi welcome to the hunting channel online’s tips of the week sponsored by Illinois Xtreme whitetails.

Last week we gave you the second piece of the puzzle in preseason scouting; if you have missed the first to pieces check out thc to see them.

Any way, so we have narrowed it down to 2-3 areas we got a lot of useful info.

Now I begin looking a topo maps and aerial photos of those selected areas.

I begin mapping out the structural characteristics that I believe to hold deer, I look for 3 magical things:

1. Water holes 2. Bedding and 3. Feeding areas I create a map on my GPS software with way points. (snag it of topo)

Now It’s time to hit the field, I begin searching for sign, in and around those points I have selected. ( cut aways from flagstaff)

I keep track of everything I observe wind, temp, age of sign, frequency, deer behavior, scrapes rubs.

For an example of what my field journal looks like check out where you will get a free download of my journal entry. (I’d like to scan an actual journal entry set up as a pdf)

Then when I feel I have seen the right amount of sign in an area or two I will put up as many trail cameras as I can and let them do some work.

If you want a more in depth look into scouting as well as other aspects of hunting or if you want to save money on great hunt like Illinois xtreme whitetails check out THC