Shed Hunting Tactics with The Antler Trader himself Josh Corbin

Check out this episode of Interviews With The Hunting Masters to get the secret sauce on how to be a successful shed hunter #shedhunting #IWTHM

Interviews With The Hunting Masters:

8.12 John Stallone talks with Shed Hunting The Antler Trader himself Josh Corbin shed hunting tactics.

Here is a condensed paraphrase of what to expect in this episode:

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about you and what you do? I am a die hard passionate shed hunter and also a guide in the state of Arizona specializing on the AZ Strip & Kaibab but not limited to I am partnered with ASG & AEO, I am also a YouTuber and Social Media influencer in a technical term but honestly I’m just a guy that wants to make enough doing what I love and in the process hopefully inspire others to do the same. I left a career of 15 years to follow my dreams and feel others should do the same no matter what there passion is. I hate seeing people working somewhere they hate and how miserable it makes them and hope I can inspire them to take the leap for the simplicity of just being happy.
  2. How did you get started in hunting?

I started like most at a young age growing up in idaho still to this day its hard to explain there’s just something about hunting & fishing offers that gets my heart beating fast and my desire to be engulfed in it all!


3) When you don’t have time to scout what are some of the thing syou look for when chosing a shed hunting area? that’s a broad question with so many answers I generally have an idea about the country/state I’m in and what it has to offer for big game. A lot of guys don’t realize the similarities of hunting & shed hunting you need ample food, water, and cover and depending on state elevation comes into play.


4) Where is your starting point? Meaning when you are going into a new area that you have never been before and you only have a limited to huntfor horns where do you begin? Google Earth I am looking for elevation and good feed if its country that gets a fair amount of snow elevation is key. Country like Az is different Feed and water are king.

5) What structural and/or landscape features do you look for in a unit to focus your  efforts? I look for a lot of country that has good wind breaks and natural funnels lots of rollie county at certain elevations that allow the animal to be up feeding anytime of the day with out being pressured and out of the wind but still have good cover to bed in either in the sun or shade elk & deer are different.

6) What would you suggest to someone to improve thier shed hunting success? A combination of things like scout find out where the animals are at starting in February clear tell May if there not there nothing will work. stay with in the elevation either deer or elk hang out in you will find them in all ranges but the vast majority stay in certain zones deer I like 5500-6200 Elk 6900-7500. Put down the miles and glass where you can!



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