Sitka Ascent Gaiters Review

My Review of Sitka Ascent Gaiters

Just a quick review of the Sitka Ascent Gaiters

I reviewed the Sitka Ascent Gaiters this summer and have been wearing them here for my first few hunts and I must say that Sitka hit a home run with these gaiters. I have owned many different pairs of gaiters over the years with varying styles and fitment systems. So far these are the very best I’ve ever tried. The Ascent Gaiter was designed with replaceable cable strap system that   eliminates buckles that might make noise or snag on low brush. This innovative cable system allows you to adjust the fit perfectly. You can even make it so the gaiter is more to one side than the other. The material of the Sitka Ascent gaiter is a durable Polyester fabric with 4-way stretch for improved mobility and the elasticity really keeps them in place. I never once had to reach down and pulled them back up or readjust in the 30 days thus far I have hunted with them. They also have a waterproof coating to keep you dry and unlike most waterproof gaiters they are fairly silent. Most water proof gaiters are super noisy coming through the brush.

Lastly they are low profile cut for light hikers and trail running type shoes but have enough material to even use with mountaineering style 3/4 boots which is what I hunt in year round.

My two cents even if your are not a sitka guy/gal pic up a pair of Ascent Gaiter solids they will go with any camo you are wearing these are the best I’ve tried… Super comfy, packed with features and well suited for the spot and stalk hunter.. Sitka Ascent Gaiter Review



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