November 27

Sitka Camouflage

If you have been following me for any great length of time you know that I have never really hung my hat so to speak on any one brand of camouflage and mainly because I never felt that any one company was really the optimum choice for the type of hunter I am. See I hunt everything and everywhere, I cover a broad spectrum of habitat and climate so my needs were very tough to fill especially since I’m anal about matching camo to terrain, being comfortable, scent control and durability. I’ve been often teased by my friends and family about my obsession with camo and how much I own, but its one of those things for me when I suit up to take the field I wanna feel good I wanna look good because it gives me confidence and confidence helps me more than anything out there.

Let me preface this with: I’m not sponsored by Sitka nor is this a paid advertisement…That being said in the past two years I have really begun to extend my arsenal of Sitka gear camo. Why? Well mainly because everything I own from them performs beautifully, form, function, and comfort. Plus they keep adding to their lineup the pieces that I’m missing to fill the holes in my camo arsenal. They are really close to having all the bases covered thus my need to go elsewhere to fill the holes has dwindled. There whitetail line up is coming along nicely although I think they could put bit more effort in scent control. The big game line up is superb for the mountain hunter although Id like to see some darker camo for deep timber and pants that are a bit better suited for the desert but all in all the line up is far superior to any other I have tried or own. And I own everything from Kuiu to Walmart. I do have to admit the price tag really hurts the wallet especially when you own like 12 full sets camo like me but the gear lasts and it doesn’t fade. I’m tough on my gear; hunting over 100 days a year I would go through 5-6 sets of less expensive camo a season and not be nearly as comfortable as I am now so its tradeoff . Like the old adage you get what you pay for!

Plus I think with some inventive layering you can get away with not having to own 12 sets like me. You can own 2-3 sets of pants and tops and just keep changing your base layers to control scent and still give you that all so fresh feeling. That way you can go 7 plus days without smelling like you went dumpster diving.

Well if you are looking to test the waters or jump with both feet here are my  go to items:

Mountain Pant: they are light enough for warmer hunts and with some base layers suitable for cold hunts plus the run and gun style design and incorporated knee pads make it and excellent choice for spot and stalk hunting

Merino core Base layer: I have simply fallen in love with the Sitka merino Core base layers. So much so that own 10 sets and I have not worn any of the other 15 brands/types I own. Body temp regulation is the key here and it just feels nice against the skin. Not like some of the other merinos that I own which are itchy and have a weird odor when you begin to sweat.  I use the merinos in the whitetail line up because they are crew neck and more comfortable for me wearing under My zip-t top. too many Zip-Ts on top of each other bug me

Core Mid-weight zip T This is my next layer for the those cooler mornings its perfectly designed to go over the form fitting merino base-layer and adds a comfortable layer of warmth as the day gets hotter strip it off and stuff it in the pack

Mountain Vest: Excellent way of keeping your core warm and still being free. I like gear that doesn’t restrict my movements and it is an excellent wind stopper. More over while hiking excess heat I’m generating can easily escape from my arm pits and by leaving the zipper open half way, which saves me from having to take it off every time I hike  a ridge to avoid getting sweaty.

Kelvin Ultra down Jacket: Once the season gets into the colder months I start packing my Ultra down. I don’t have to say very much about this except for that Its light, warm and in conjunction with the vest is a very formidable combo.

If I need extra warmth and still wanna stay fairly sleek and mobile  I add the heavy weight core base layers over my merinos I don’t feel restricted and for me even though they were not designed as a second base layer it gives you the advantage of shedding layers if you need to. where if you were wearing heavier outer stuff your kinda stuck

For inclement weather I look to the Cloud Burst Pant And Jacket I use to buy medium grade packable rain gear and that fine to have in your pack for the “what ifs” but when you are knowing going into a few days of bad weather those are just not going to cut it. I got stuck this late elk season in 4 days straight of rain and wind and believe me I was happy I had the cloud burst gear with me..

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