Skinning knife, big game processing kit review

My field processing kit

Its not really a review of a processing kit as it is me sharing my kit with you….I have tried just about every knife on the market over the years and I  have had an lost many that I loved and hated. But I am always looking for ways to make my hunting more efficient even when it comes down to processing game in the field. For the last decade Havalon knives have kinda ruled the field dressing game, other companies have jumped on the replaceable blade wagon coming up with innovative designs improving on the Havalon platform.

Well a couple years ago RMEF sent me a Browning speed load replaceable blade Knife and I love it its much sturdier and has more control than the Havalon. The handle has that Tero tuff non slip handle and its safe to throw in the washing machine. However where this knife shines is the versatility it will accept any “boxcutter” style blade plus its own proprietary blades like:  The drop point for skinning, the Capping blade for detail work and the Gut hook.

I found a little “life hack” that works amazing Dewalt tools makes a roofing blade for sheetrock knife that works even better than the gut hook blade. and you can buy a pack for like $2 at home depot.

Which brings me to my next piece of my in field processing kit Home Depot sell a supper lightweight compact hack saw from Husky that is about $9 and the pack of replacement blades like $2.50. It is perfect for carrying in the backpack and zips through bone.

Next thing I carry is a few pairs of latex gloves… I got blood poising several years ago and I never want to go through that again besides it makes for a much cleaner job.

I always carry paracord with me to tie off limbs or when necessary anchor the animal to a tree to prevent it from rolling down a hill side

Lastly I found that Allen makes super inexpensive game bags that work very well…